Another way to make money is selling items in your own shop. Your shop can be located at the modern avenue or another claim.

Create a shop

Place a chest that contains the item you want to sell. Hold the item you want to sell and leftclick the chest. Then enter the amount you want to sell that item for in the chat. Keep in mind you have to put the same item in the chest otherwise the shop will not work!

Shop management

Now your shop was successfully created. Players can now buy items at your shop. To see how much money you earned and how much items you sold simply open the chest. At top you can read the before named things. If your shop is running out of items just refill it by putting more items into the chest. Your price is too high or too low? You can adjust it by /shop price <price>.

Deleting the shop

If you want to delete your shop you have rightclick the sign infront of the chest and click on delete shop.  You can use this chest now like a normal one.

Using a shop

To buy items from other stores you have to leftclick the chest and type in chat how much you need. For example: The user x sells diamonds. User y wants to buy items from x. y need 4 diamonds so he press on chest and writes 4 into chat.


Here are the commands you are able to use.
  • /shop setowner <amount>   - Set the owner of the shop
  • /shop find <item>   - Find the nearest shop that sells the item in a 200 blocks radius
  • /shop staff
    • /shop staff add <player>  - Add a player as staff to your shop
    • /shop staff del <player>  - Remove a player as staff from your shop
    • /shop staff clear  - Remove all staff-members from your shop
    • /shop staff list  - Show all current staff-members of your shop
Not everything is requiring a command to be entered. It is possible to change settings of your shop by rightclicking your shop and clicking on the desired setting in the chat.



If somebody bought something out of your shop you will receive a message in chat.
When your shop runs out of stock you will receive a message in chat.
To get a shop at modern avenue check out /ah. If a shop is for sale you will find it there.