What are greenhouses? 

To gather rare or scarce items, it's possible to cultivate different biomes on your Skyblock island. You can simply do this by building glass rooms called greenhouses.

How to set up a greenhouse 

1. Build an enclosed glass room that is 6x4 or larger.

2. Collect the necessary blocks needed for your greenhouse by doing /island greenhouses.

3. Once you've decided which greenhouse to build and gathered your supplies, now you just incorporate those blocks inside your enclosed glass room.

4. Break one of the glass blocks and place a hopper with bonemeal inside so produce can grow in your greenhouse.

5. Place two doors at the opening of your greenhouse so the room is completely closed but there's also a way to enter and exit.

6. After you've placed everything inside the glass room, you go back to /island greenhouses and click on the greenhouse that you built to activate it. 

7. If everything is done well, things should start happening inside the greenhouse shortly after.  

Types of greenhouses 

Requirement - Two sand blocks, water is 50% of the floor area

Snowy Beach

Requirement - One sand block

Oak Forest



Bamboo Jungle

- Mushroom Fields
- Deep Ocean


- River


- Swamp

Sunflower Field

- Flower Forest

Taiga Mountains 


- Ice Spikes