What are minions?

To make grinding for blocks easier in Skyblock, you can purchase your very own minion. Minions are little helpers that aid players collect items like continuously mining your cobblestone generator or harvest crops. There are various different types of minions you can buy which all vary in price based on how valuable they are. 

Minion menu

You can buy yourself a minion by doing /minions store. After purchasing your minion, there are many different changes you can make so your minion is as productive as possible. Right-clicking on the minion opens the menu where you can change the direction of your minion, rename your minion, level up your minion and more.

Minions also need to be consistently healed to continue working. You can heal your minion by feeding it ordinary food (cooked meat), pay $1000 to heal it or buy a feeder minion to feed your other minions. 

Types of minions 

Miner Minion - Once placed this minion will mine the block in front of it. 
Cost - $10,000

Collector Minion - This minion will collect all the items within its radius.
Cost - $6,000

Feeder Minion - This minion will feed all nearby minions within its radius.
Cost - $5,000

Fisher Minion - This minion will fish those in a water pool in front of it.
Cost - $4,000

Farmer Minion - This minion will farm all crops that are placed next to it.
Cost - $6,500

Lumberjack Minion - This minion will chop all trees nearby and replant them.
Cost - $8,000

Slayer Minion - This minion will kill all mobs within its radius.
Cost - $8,500

Seller Minion - This minion will sell all items in its attached chest. To link the chest and the minion you need permission which is obtainable in the /premiumshops additional permissions tab. You can buy permission at the premium shop using tokens which can be earned by voting and many other methods. The minion sells anything in /shop and by upgrading the seller it sells the item for a higher amount than listed in the shop. 
Cost - $10,000