McMMO Introduction:
McMMO's main function is to incorporate an RPG-like skill system that players will have access to right from the beginning. Depending on how much a certain tool is used or a certain action is performed, players will gain experience that will eventually add bonuses such as double drops, rare drops, or ability enhancement.

How it works:
McMMO lets you gain experience and level up skills by doing actions that relate to those said skills.
In example: Hitting mobs with a sword, Breaking an ore with a pickaxe, Brewing a potion.

Usually a player that does not know about McMMO will be gaining exp anyways due to normal minecraft
actions and playstyle.

Available Skills: (Gathering)

Mining is a skill focused around mining stone and ore. A notable perk of this skill is the higher potential yield from each ore, increased even further when using an active skill. Mining also adds new functionality to TNT, by allowing remote detonation.

Tool Used

  •  Pickaxe (Any Material)

Flint and Steel + TNT (consumed)

Interacts With

  •  Mineable Blocks


  • Super Breaker (Active)
  • Double Drops (Passive)
  • Blast Mining (Active)
  • Bigger Bombs (Passive)
  • Demolitions Expertise (Passive)

Special Abilities


Super Breaker

unlocked by reaching level 50.

Speed + Triple drop chance

Super Breaker (activated by right-clicking with a pickaxe in hand), will temporarily add 5 Efficiency levels to the held pickaxe, triple the double drop rate, and replace normal-rate double drops with triple drops. In other words, Super Breaker stacks with fortune 3 enchantments.

The duration of the skill starts at 2 seconds, and increases by 1 second every 50 levels. There is no maximum duration. Like all skills, its default cooldown time is 240 seconds. The effects and duration of this Super Move can be altered in the server config, along with other information on this page. Unequipping the pickaxe will cause the remaining time with the ability to be wasted and cooldown time to start sooner.

Double Drops

Double the normal loot

Double drops is a passive skill that allows the player to gain two items instead of the usual one when mining any naturally generated block found in the experience table below. The odds of this happening increase by 0.1% per level to a maximum of 100% at level 1000. It does not stack with the Fortune enchantment, but does work with Silk Touch.

Blast Mining

Bonuses to mining with TNT
Locked until level 125 mining

Instead of using a pickaxe to break blocks, Blast Mining utilizes TNT to destroy and mine blocks. It is activated by using a flint & steel outside of the standard ignition range (shift and right-click the air between yourself and the TNT). Unlike ignition in vanilla, the TNT explodes instantly.

With Blast Mining, the range at which the TNT ignites is extended. Higher Mining levels will yield more ores and less debris. By default, TNT drops 30% of what is blown up, and is increased further with each level.

Bigger Bombs

Increases TNT explosion radius
Locked until level 375 mining

The Bigger Bombs ability increases the explosive range of TNT ignited with Blast Mining. At level 375, it adds 2 to the radius of the explosion. At level 625, this bonus is increased to 3. And at level 875, the radius gains its maximum bonus of 4. Without this ability, TNT has a radius of 6.9.

Demolitions Expertise

Decreases damage from TNT explosions

Locked until level 500 mining

Demolitions expertise is a passive ability that reduces the damage done by TNT with Blast Mining by 25%. At level 750, the damage is decreased by 50%. At level 1000, damage reduction is 100%.

Note that TNT ignited through standard means still causes harm, and only when ignited through Blast Mining is the damage negated.


Woodcutting is a skill that is based around chopping trees down with an axe. Levelling the skill gives you increased chances of extra wood dropping from trees, as well as extra duration on the tree feller ability.

Tool Used

  •  Axe (Any Material)

Interacts With

  •  Wood
  •  Leaves
  •  Huge Mushroom


  • Tree Feller (Active)
  • Leaf Blower (Passive)
  • Double Drops (Passive)



Tree Feller

Locked until level 5 woodcutting

Make trees explode

Tree Feller is an active skill that allows you to chop down entire trees by only breaking one block. To use Tree Feller, right-click while holding an axe to ready your tool. With the tool ready, chop a block of wood or giant mushroom to activate the skill. Tree Feller only breaks blocks at the same height and higher than the block that is chopped, so cutting the middle of a tree will leave a stump. At level 0, tree feller is unavailable, it unlocks at level 5, and it increases by 1 second every 5 levels. This gives it a max duration of 22 seconds at level 100. The ability has a cooldown between uses that lasts 240 seconds (4 minutes). Tree feller does not break trees larger than 500 blocks by default and at lower levels, it breaks much less.

When using Tree Feller, the durability of one's axe will be decreased by as much as if each log/huge mushroom block had been broken individually. If one's axe should break while Tree Feller is active, the user will suffer eight damage and a message will appear reading, "Your axe splinters into dozens of pieces!". The surrounding logs/huge mushroom blocks will remain intact, apart from the one on which the axe was broken.

Leaf Blower

Blow away leaves
Locked until level 15 woodcutting

Leaf Blower is an ability that will cause leaf blocks to break instantly when hit with an axe. When destroyed using Leaf Blower, a leaf block has a 10% chance of dropping its respective sapling. The leaves do durability damage to the axe and make a popping sound when broken.

Double Drops

Double the normal loot

Double drops is a passive skill that allows you to gain two items instead of one when chopping any log or giant mushroom block that was either generated by the world or grown. The chance to get double drops increases by 0.1% per level to a maximum of 100% at level 1000.


Herbalism is a skill in McMMO that governs the ability to harvest plants and crops excluding trees and other more structural occurences of plants. It requires multiple tools to make the full use of its abilities.


Tool Used

  •  Hoe (Green Terra only)

Sword (Hylian Luck only)By Hand (harvesting)

Interacts With

  •  Cobblestone
  •  Stone Bricks
  •  Dirt


  • Green Terra
  • Green Thumb
  • Shroom Thumb
  • Instant Wheat-Regrowth
  • Farmer's Diet
  • Hylian Luck

Green Terra

Right-clicking empty farmland and breaking a plant or crop after Herbalism Level 50 activates the super move Green Terra. It increases in duration at certain levels. It has a cooldown of 240 seconds.

Effects while activated

  • High chance to triple all drops from harvested plants or crops, including seeds.
  • For farming, a potential to replant numerous seeds for free during the skill duration, saving time and seeds.
  • Consumes 1 wheat Seed to convert one of the following blocks:
    • Cobblestone into Mossy Cobblestone
    • Stone Brick into Mossy Stone Brick
    • Dirt into Grass

Be mindful that all of the above can be configured by a server admin. Also, similarly to all other super moves in McMMO, if the hoe in use is unequipped, the skill will immediately stop and undergo the full cooldown.

Green Thumb (Wheat/Carrots/Potatoes/Nether Wart/Beetroot)

Green Thumb has the ability to more rapidly progress the growth of all single-block crops. The skill curve roughly follows the equation based on this table:
where level is your herbalism level and chance is the odds for instant growth to that stage.
Herbalism Level Growth Stage Chance
0 - 199 0 (Lvl 0) 0% - 13.3%
200 - 399 1 13.3% - 26.7%
400 - 599 2 26.7% - 40%
600 - 799 3 40% - 53.3%
800-1500 4 53.3% - 100%(Lvl 1500)

Shroom Thumb

Using a mushroom on a block of dirt while both a red and brown mushroom are in the inventory triggers "Shroom Thumb". It consumes a red and brown mushroom, and has a chance to turn the block of dirt into a block of mycelium. The chances of success increases with Herbalism level.

Farmer's Diet

This passive skill increases the amount of hunger that grown food will restore as the player's Herbalism level increases. One hunger is half of a piece of meat on the hunger bar.

Herbalism Level Rank

Bonus Hunger

0 - 199 0 0

200 - 399

I 1
400 - 599 II 2
600 - 799 III 3
800 - 999 IV 4
1000+ V 5

Note: Farmer's Diet is similar to the healing effect herbalism gave pre-1.8.

Hylian Luck

Hylian Luck gives a small chance to obtain special items when certain blocks are broken with a sword. Currently, the blocks that are affected by this are:

  • Grass (Melon seeds, pumpkin seeds, cocoa beans)
  • Saplings (Melon seeds, pumpkin seeds, cocoa beans)
  • Dead Bushes (Melon seeds, pumpkin seeds, cocoa beans)
  • Flowers (Potatoes, carrots, apples)

The chance for a drop goes up by 0.01% every level. However, the stats menu only displays whole percentage points. At Level 1000, the chances are 10%.

The drops can be edited in the config files.

Double Drops (All Corresponding Blocks)

This skill doubles the drops obtained from crops and plants. The chance is increased by 0.1% each Level, mathematically guaranteeing double drops at level 1000. In the stats menu, however, the increased percentage will only be visible every 10 levels due to flooring.

Experience Table

This chart details the amount of experience gained from harvesting the respective crops:

(servers may have custom experience set)


EXP Gained (per unit)

Grass 1
Vine 10
Pumpkin 20
Watermelon 20
Cocoa Bean 30
Sugar Cane 30
Cactus 30
Potatoes 50
Carrot 50
Wheat 50
Nether Wart 50
Flowers/Lilypads 100
Mushrooms 150
Shroomlights 250

Training Methods

Below are listed the best methods for each crop.

Bonemeal: Set up a dispenser with a timer to automatically use bone meal on grass. The flowers grown will give 100 exp and the grass gives 10 exp. It doesn't give as much exp per minute as sugarcane/nether wart if farm size for both crops are massive but with advantage of not needing to wait. An optimized design may even have a skeleton spawner or dark room connected to create an unlimited supply of bones.

  • Pros: No replanting required, nor a huge amount of space
  • Cons: Expensive materials. High amount of bonemeal required. Server redstone restrictions may hinder efficiency.

Cocoa Beans: give 30 exp each, a moderate amount, but they grow very quickly. An optimized design will be one chunk wide farm to have enough cocoa beans growing quickly enough (at 4 blocks high of jungle logs) that the player can constantly harvest them.

  • Pros: Very fast growing crop, does not require water/light.
  • Cons: Moderate amount of exp per crop, also requires jungle logs to build the farms.

Sugarcane: An optimum farm is patterned to maximize space efficiency. A large enough farm can be harvested non-stop. Sugarcane can grow up to three blocks high, and breaking the middle of a full-grown stalk yield 60s exp total.

  • Pros: No replanting, doesn't need light
  • Cons: Sugarcane requires water next to the block it is planted on, making it less space efficient than other crops. Regrows at a fairly slow pace. Require massive space for optimization.

Cactus: A cactus farm of the same size as a sugarcane farm has fewer plants, since all adjacent spaces around cacti need to be empty.

  • Pros: Same growth rate as sugarcane, but does not require water or light. Does not require replanting.
  • Cons: Need sand to place cactus. Causes damage on contact. Drops can be destroyed by cacti. Can only be placed with nothing adjacent to it.

Nether Wart:

  • Pros: Fastest growth rate among all crops without water or light.
  • Cons: Soul Sand is required to plant. The slow walking speed on top of Soul Sand might also impede harvest and replanting, unless you have the Soul Speed enchantment.


  • Pros: Very space efficient, can be built vertically. Optimal conditions require only one water block for every 9x9 farm area.
  • Cons: Requires heavy maintenance and offers no speed advantages compared to other farm-based methods. Cannot be automated, and the farm must be fully grown at each visit to gain the maximum amount of skill points, wasting time whether one micromanages one's farm or not.

Flower/Lily pad (For some servers)/Mushroom: Secondary training method. Swamps are best to find plants.

  • Pros: Highest exp yield per crop.
  • Cons: Unsustainable method since it requires finding a fresh biome every time it is done.

Flower Forest/Flower Clusters: Secondary training method. Flower forests contain large quantities of flowers which can earn you thousands of skill EXP.

  • Pros: Highest exp yield per crop.
  • Cons: Same as above

Mushroom Plantation: A imitation of a Mushroom Biome through placing mushroom on mycelium (obtained by Shroom Thumb, Silk Touch, or slowly spreading mycelium to dirt). An optimum plantation will be on top of the Nether without worries of lots of mobs, space, mycelium blocks, and lighting.

  • Pros: Highest exp yield per crop.
  • Cons: Slowest grow rate, making farms not very efficient. Stunt growth after mushroom grew approximately seven blocks away from originally placed mushroom. Required massive area with lots of mycelium blocks.


  • At high levels, Herbalism users can gain more hunger points from crop-based foods than Steak, and the bonus flowers can be used to create Saturation/Regeneration Suspicious Stew.
    • However, Steak still has more points of saturation than crop foods and may be better for players who want additional HP regenerated on the go, and unlike Suspicious Stew, stacks.
  • Hylian Luck is a reference to The Legend of Zelda, a video game in which treasures and in-game money can be found by cutting grass with a sword.
  • Green Terra is likely taken from the name Terra, meaning Earth.


Excavation is the ability in McMMO related to using a shovel to dig anything on the soil chart, including exotic materials like Soul Sand. High-level Excavators can produce diamonds from dirt easily. (Like most McMMO abilities, it will only work if McMMO drops can spawn on the blocks, and not if they are funnelled into the player's inventory like with some plugins.)

Tool Used

  • Shovel

Interacts With

  •  Clay Block
  •  Dirt
  •  Grass
  •  Mycelium
  •  Gravel
  •  Sand
  •  Soul Sand
  •  Snow


  • Giga Drill Breaker (Active)
  • Treasure Hunt (Passive)



Increasing skill level

You level up by digging materials that are mined faster with a shovel.

Scouring the entire surface, or at least large hills, is the fastest way to level Excavation.

(This method no longer works) Another good way is to stock up on shovels and make a trapped snowman. This will allow you to dig the snow underneath it which is constantly refreshed. As the snow is fast to break, it will wear out your tools very quickly, but it will also help you to level very quickly in the comfort of your own home without having to worry about finding stuff to excavate. Keep an iron block nearby and use an iron shovel to clear the snow. When you are running low on durability, just repair the shovel and keep on digging. This method trains up Excavation and Repair at the same time. Stone can also be used at the cost of maintanance and XP. With the right scripting tools and settings, this can be automated as a client-side bot. It can also be automated with dispensers and a timer, and shovels can be gained through a mob grinder if you're lucky, or in the newest update of Minecraft, automatically crafted from iron ore, coal, and wood through hoppers and recipe selection.

You can also use Giga Drill Breaker in bursts to speed up digging, at the expense of extra durability wear on your shovel. To counteract this, use diamond shovels. Past level 350, it is more common than not to get at least 1 diamond from a single Giga Drill Breaker, allowing you to repair the shovel whenever durability starts to drop.

Drops Block Skill Req. XP Rewarded Chance



0 40 100%


0 40 100%



0 40 100%


Snow Block

0 20 100%



0 40 90%



0 40 10%



0 40 100%

 Soul Sand

 Soul Sand

0 40 100%

 Clay (x4)

 Clay Block

0 40 100%

 Empty Map

 Clay Block

25 200 2%

Glowstone Dust


25 80 5%
Glowstone Dust  Mycelium 25 80 5%

Glowstone Dust


25 80 5%

Glowstone Dust


25 80 5%



75 30 10%


 Clay block

150 10 1%


175 30 10%



250 100 1%

 Music Disc (13)


250 3000 0.05%



250 100 0.1%



250 100 0.1%

 Soul Sand


650 80 0.5%

 Spider web

 Clay block

750 150 5%



750 3000 0.05%



850 3000 0.5%

 Nether Quartz

Any 850 3000 0.5%


Block Average XP/block
Dirt 80.33
Gravel 95.account6for \4


  1. Main Commands: /mcmmo - Brief description of the plugin. /mcstats - Shows your McMMO skill levels and xp. /inspect <Player> - Shows a player's McMMO skill levels and xp. /mctop [skill name] [page number] - Shows the top players with the highest power level (or skill level). /mcrank or /mcrank <Player> - Shows your (or another player's) ranking position (1 being the highest) for each skill, including power level. /mcability - Toggles the abilities used by right clicking. /<skill name> - Shows information about the skill you type in.

Leveling Table (Theoretical Time)


Total Blocks

Total XP

Total Time (seconds)





























































This table does not account for earning bonus items or dirt, or for breaking blocks besides dirt for more XP or different drops. Times may also vary based on the player's focus and efficiency at aiming and mining new blocks continuously, what enchants are used, , on tick lag, block lag, and latency, the player's skill level, and whether or not Giga Drill Breaker is in use continuously.

*It's calculated without receiving drops other than dirt from it. Times may vary depending on the shovel used or other variables, such as accuracy. These variables can be negated using client-side bots.


  • The 'Giga Drill Breaker' ability is a reference to the move 'Giga Drill Breaker' from the anime "Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann".
    • The original name of the move was "Giga Drill Break" but "Giga Drill Breaker" stuck with the public due to Japanese pronunciation of English. It also was not used to harvest materials, instead being relegated to combat.