Updates/News Pre 1.17 Preperations
about 1 year ago

Pre 1.17 Changes

As almost everybody knows that the Caves & Cliffs update is awaiting us somewhere in the middle of this year and we are making some preparations for that update.
Few of the major things that will go under improvement for survival are:

  • MobArena gets revamped with a new system and rewards.
  • Quests will receive an overhaul together with an expansion for a better RPG experience.
  • Performance & world management gets enhanced.
  • and a lot more..

Prior has the side effect due to the large chunk discovery (60GB) of players that the survival worlds will be regenerated. Don't worry, we keep...

Updates/News Christmas Event
about 1 year ago

Sylenta needs your Help!

Sylenta is in big troubles that will prevent him from making christmas possible! He requires help from you to make christmas possible!

If you want to save christmas for him and all the players visit the event zone in survival or do /event.

Furthermore there were just some small fixes and tweaks like below:

- Only tabcompleting commands that players have access to
- Fixed a locked chat that occured when being in PM
- Pr...

Updates/News Phoenix from the Ashes
about 1 year ago

We are back and we did not take a break!

The Hompage might has looked abandoned through the last couple months but that is wrong!

Back then we decided to stop announcing each small change and start collecting during our development phase. Here we are now with a massive changelog waiting for you to be read!

Empires is out!

Well it is in Beta and ready for you to explore. 


Empires is meant to be our first Com...

Updates/News Future Plans
about 1 year ago

Future Plans

There were not many updates lately announced. It was like that because we are working hard on overhauling and optimizing the gamemodes together to improve your experience.

Once we are finished we are going to make the network more popular to give the current playerbase a boost and new members to play with. 

There are tons of updates coming so stay tuned for the news!

Updates/News Anniversary Update Week 2
about 1 year ago

Update Week 2

Survival Improvements

Survival just recieved a small improvement regarding the /wild command. You can now go as usual with /wild or you can click the magic ball at int spawn castle and it throws you to a random location much further than before. 


Attention! You have 3 teleportations free to go and you can buy 5 additional teleportation. After you have used all these you can't buy more teleportations. Use your teleports in a wise way!


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