Changelog 10/2022
1 minute read

Latest Changes + Additions

Like the last time it was about time to rework some things on the server. 
What did get reworked was the voting system. There is quite alot for you to check out!

The Votingsystem now is synchronized throught all the gamemodes which means that the votepoints you have in Survivalare also available in SkyBlock.



  • reduced the amount of votingsites available to those at actually work (and look good)
  • increased the amount of points you get per vote
  • added new rewards to the voteshop for each mode - Check them out with /voteshop (Tokens, Blocks, etc..)


Fixes + Improvements:

  • fixed an issue with fall damage not being active
  • improved some redstone behaviour
  • added reaction roles to the discord to be able to view each gamemode channel
  • added giveaway reaction role that gets pinged everytime a giveaway takes place

Don't miss the giveaways! - Sometimes they are worth it!

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