Changelog 09/2022
2 minute read

Latest Changes + Additions

Its about time to inform you about the latest changes and also about the new features that are available by now. 


- some of you experienced kicks stating "chat message could not be validated": this should be fixed now

- some slight performance improvements



New Enchantments

+ Blast I - Mine 3x3x1 of blocks infront of you

+ Implants I - When worn keeps your hunger fed

+ Inquisitive I - Gain 2x or more experience from kills

+ Hellforged I - Walk to repair your tools

+ Boom I - Chance for your bow to use an explosive arrow



+ 1 additional home can be now purchased in /premiumshop which sums up to a total of 5 homes

+ Arch-Bishop can now set 5 homes by default



+ added the feature originally used for empires /craft in survival for Arch-Bishop

It simply opens a inventory and previews the items that can be crafted out of your stuff in the inventory. You can then simply click on that item to craft it.



Iam kinda proud to deliver this feature to you. You can now view your statistics of each gamemode on a simple webpage. It lets your discover statistics you might have been unaware of yet so do not hesitate to check them out. 

Accessing them is simple:

  1. - get to this link
  2. - register with your ingame name and copy the shown command 
  3. - enter the copied command ingame and log in
  4. - look around at the page and also check the sidebar for additional stats

If you want your account to be removed or you generally dont want to have it simply do enter this command ingame /plan unregister and click on the green checkmark.

side-note: You only see the stats from gamemodes you have visited already and the overall stats logging just started a week ago.. sorry about that

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