A stressful life is not for you? Then our casual Survival Mode  will be the perfect game for you. We will cover you with lots of features to enhance your survival experience. Once you are tired of the peaceful life you can try out Hardmode Survival  in our Sub Gamemode category, where every step counts and could be your last!

Here are a couple of features we provide:
  • Claims  to protect your valuables and yourself from unwanted guests together with your own Pet .
  • Get rich by selling goods in a  User shop  or over a  UI , accept  Quests  or even mind your own business by having a relaxing fishing day at Link's Pond  or casually by having a job.
  • Want to have a unique appearance? We got you covered with dozens of  cosmetic  items.
  • Thanks to  mcMMO  instead of only your Skills, your character  Skills  will increase too.
  • We provide you Mobarena  with lots of Waves  and custom Maps  and even Paintball  for the ones that are more interested in Minigames .