When thinking about the word empires other words such as kingdom , domain and territory come to mind. Unfortunately, or perhaps, fortunately, thats exactly what the Empires gamemode is all about. Empires is a gamemode that surpasses the limits of vanilla Minecraft and brings players experiences theyve never felt before. It is a game filled with competition , dominance , growth , and power . Start off with basic tools and earn your way up the ladder. Go from being a measly peasant to an unruly ruler . Lead your own colony , dragons,  and grind for strong gear or live a peaceful life with your personal village. Choose to fight for your life or surrender to a normal life. Empires is all about being the best of the best.
Are you prepared to  dethrone the rest and become number one?

  • Ice and Fire
Ice and Fire is a special medieval-themed mod that includes several new blocks , captivating items, and various mythical creatures . From slaying dragons to hatching your own egg to exploring  spooky caves. Lucky for you, thats only covering the tip of the iceberg . As players continue their journey, their peaceful nights will be disturbed by heinous raids,  and cave trolls will attack them in their most defenseless state. No need to frown because the mod provides players with powerful weapons and tools to aid them in their darkest hours. 
  • Elder Arsenal
Emeralds!?! Useless, right? Well, not anymore. With the installment of the Elder Arsenal mod, comes possibilities that have never been seen before. Weapons , tools , and shields crafted from emeralds . Now introducing daggers , katanas , spears , maces , and so much more . Everyone loves causing chaos with TNT. But what about something more efficient, compact, and just as well destructive. With the help of dynamite,  all your explosive dreams will come true. With a bonus of holy dynamite which strikes lighting. After all the extra addition of weapons, tools, and explosives there are more extra perks. Unique items specialized for sabotaging your enemies such as gunpowder barrels , spikes,  and bear traps can also be used. 
  • Better Nether
The nether has existed for years but throughout time not a lot of changes have been made. Every time we go to the nether, we see the same boring, usual environment. All we wish for is a better nether . Fear not because the Better Nether mod presents players with the change they want. The mod consists of new plants , mobs , and unique biomes . This mod has various new tools with better efficiency and durability . And best of all, new nether structures that are massive and rare. Overall, the nether is as aesthetically  pleasing as can be and now it has way more value.  
  • Harvestcraft
Harvestcraft is an excellent mod that gives players the chance to experience something theyve never done or cant do in real life . By farming , harvesting , and cooking , Harvestcraft gives players a sense of domestic life and the experience of gathering groceries and preparing delicious meals to eat. It allows people to go above and bound just eating pork chop   and steak all the time. It allows players to interact the same as local farmers would. Growing crops, buying , and selling supplies, harvesting , replanting , and preparing food. It is an amusing and educational mod that enables players to make any food to their hearts desire. As well as open up to discovering new foods theyve never seen or heard of.
  • Minecolonies
Minecolonies is a fun, collective mod that enables players to build their own town . Player towns can consist of necessary buildings such as bakeries , mines , schools , restaurants , houses , various shops and so much more! Each building comes with NPC workers who are trained to maintain and manage the numerous facilities . This mod allows players to create and govern their own unique colony . Players can build multiple contrasting colonies ranging from inside a mountain , in a snowy biome,  or even underwater . Allow your creativity to shine. The possibilities are endless , there is no restriction. Let your imagination wild and build your own community.
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© Images drawn by AxelGandor