- JOBS 101 -

On the "Medieval Realm" Minecraft server, it is important to gain in-game money. One of the best ways to obtain it is by working in a job.
There are jobs like "miner", "builder", "enchanter" and many more.


/jobs browse - Browse the list for available jobs that you can undertake.
/jobs leave <jobname> - Leave the provided job.
/jobs states - List your current stats within a job.


 How do I join a job?

Open the "/jobs browse" menu and then right-click the job that you want to undertake.

 How do I get details about a job?

Left-click the job icon inside of the "/jobs browse" menu to get details about exchange rates and what you'll have to do inside the job.

How do I increase my job level?

If you work long enough, you will level up in your job. The more levels you have, the more money you will receive.
If you want to check your job level type
 "/jobs stats".

How do I leave my job(s) in-game?

You'll have to open the "/jobs browse" menu and then middle-click on the job that you want to leave. 
Please be advised that you will lose all your job levels inside of the job that you leave.