Rocketwars is a Team deathmatch style minigame where each team has a set of life in each game.Your goal is to eliminate all the teams and become last team standing.

How to Play

Joining a game
 Join in minigame server using warp going to Main modes on Lobby
 There should be a green portal which has Rocketwars name in front. Hope in the portal and you joined a game congrats (tip: you can use /rw autojoin instead)
 (If you want to join a specific game u can use /rw join to get a gui with list of games or use /rw join {gamename})   
Leaving a game

 If you want to leave the game use /rw leave or just disconnect


Game Timer
Even though Rocketwars is a TDM you cant play 1 game for ours as teams become too powered to kill eachother. So, we added a gametimer which you can see on scoreboard that ticking down to 0:00 once timer run out the team with most life gets win if there two or more team has same life they all tie
Chest refill
Like Gametimer there is also another timer which is used for chest refill depending on the map chest refill time varries once its at last second all the chest which has looted get reset and will generate new loots and to prevent people who hides at tidious spot everyone will glow for 10 sec