You need help with fighting mobs? Maintaining your farms alone is hard?
Then you need pets. They can help you in most of the situations you will face in survival.

  • /pet   - Opens the all in one pet GUI
  • /pcst  - Choose the skilltree for your current pet
  • /petinfo - View stats of your current pet
  • /petcall - Call your pet to your side
  • /petsendaway - Send away your current pet
  • /petstore - Store your pet in your storage
  • /petbmenu - Change the behaviour of your pet
  • /petstop - Cancel an action of the pet
  • /petbeacon - If your pet has the beacon skill you can edit its behaviour in here
  • /pettrade <player> <price> - Trade your pet to another player
  • /petrelease - Release your pet into the wild
Getting your first pet
To get your first pet you need to kill a mob with a lead. If you were successful a text message will appear which says that you tamed that mob.
If you want to equip your pet simply run /pet and you can select your tamed partner.

Choose the skill tree
After you got your first pet it would be a great idea to change the skilltree of your equipped pet.
You can do that with the command /pcst. For example: If you want that your new pet attacks mobs
that you attacked before the pvp skilltree would be my recommendation.

Health of your pet
Every pet has got a specific amount of health points. You can increase that number by doing things with your pet like farming or killing mobs.
Also don't forget that your pet is hungry. You can see what your pet needs and how much hunger is has when it is equipped with /petinfo

Calling/sending it away
If you can't find your pet or if it got stuck somewhere you can simply run /petcall.
For sending it away run /petsendaway or to unequip completely /petstore.

Change the behavior
You can change the behavior of your pet with /petbmenu. Also you can tell
your pet to stop attacking players, mobs and so on with /petstop.
Remember that you can't use every behavior when your pet is on a low level.

Beacon effects
Some skill trees offer you the ability to have a mobile beacon. Your pet must be on a higher level.
Otherwise you won't be able to use it. With /petbeacon you can open the GUI.
There you can set effects and say if they are public or only for you. If your pet is in a range of 7 blocks you will get them.

Selling pets
If you want to, you can sell your pet to other players by entering the command /pettrade <player> <price>.
You can also give it away for free when you let the price away. If nobody wants
your pet and you don't need it too, you can also release it with /petrelease.

Store your pet
You can store your pet simply enter the command /petstore.