Land Claiming 101

When you first place down a chest on the server, a 9x9 claim will be automatically set up around it protecting the area. Note that this only works the first time, and the chest cannot be within 9 blocks distance from an existing claim. 




You can use the "/claim" command to make a claim. Simply type "/claim <size of claim>" to create a claim. The size you input will be the number of blocks from you to the new border of the claim. You can just use a Golden Shovel to do it instead, right-click on a block to set the first corner, and right-click on another block for the opposite corner, claims cannot be smaller than 25 blocks.

Trusting People


By default, nobody will be able to build or do anything on your claim. If you want to add someone to a claim, however, there's a set of tools you can use to do so giving various levels of access.

  • Access Trust - Lets the player interact with buttons, levers, and doors. This permission also allows them to set home within the claim with "/sethome", but not access containers and chests. Command: /accesstrust <player>
  • Container Trust - Lets the player use chests and containers, from hoppers and droppers to shulkers and furnaces, as well all permissions from access trust. Command: "/containertrust <player>" Be careful, anyone with container trust or higher can kill animals on your claim.
  • Build Trust - Lets the player place and break things inside the claim, as well as all permissions from container and access trust. Command: "/trust <player>"
  • Permission Trust - Lets the player trust other players to the claim. However, this is separate from other trust levels. Players with permission trust can only trust other players to their level of trust (e.g: If a player has container trust and permission trust, then the player is able to give other players container trust but not build Trust). Players with permission trust are not able to give other players permission trust. Command: "/permissiontrust <player>"

On the flip side, you can remove a player from the trust list using the "/untrust <player>" command. Another handy command is "/trustlist", which lets players with permission trust and the claim owner view a list of everyone with permissions on a claim.

Finally, the claim owner can add the public to the different permission levels. Replace the <player> on any of the trust commands with the word "public"/"all"/"everyone" to do so. Of course, you can also use "/untrust public" to remove the public from the different trust levels. Note that the public cannot have permission to trust.

Configuring Claims

Abandoning Claims

You can do "/unclaim" or "/abandonclaim" while standing in a claim to remove it. You will then be given back the claim blocks to use with other claims. In addition, you can use "/abandonallclaims" to abandon all of your claims and regain all of your claim blocks back for use. You can also abandon all of your claims by typing "/abandonclaim" or "/unclaim" while standing outside of a claim.

Viewing Claims

While holding a stick in your hand, you can right-click within a claim to view the claim borders marked in temporary Gold Blocks and Glowstone. Any sub-claims within the claim will also appear marked in temporary Iron Blocks and Wool.

You can also view a list of all of your claims and their coordinates using the "/claimslist" command.

Resizing Claims

Simply right-click one of the golden corners of a claim to resize it. If you make the claim larger, you will need to have the right amount of claim blocks to support the expansion.

Claims Explosions

It's possible to enable explosions within a claim by standing in it and typing "/claimexplosions".

Subdividing Claims


By Subdividing Claims, you are able to create sub-claims within a regular "top-level" claim you made. This is useful in particular for creating plots in a town, as you are able to trust people in a sub-claim without them being trusted in the larger claim. Unlike regular claims, there are no size limitations on sub-claims and so they can be as small as one block; sub-claims do not take up claim blocks.

Apart from that, Subclaims act like regular claims. They are marked out by temporary Iron and Wool blocks. Do note though, that players trusted in the top-level claim will retain their permissions inside any sub-claims. Only the owner of the main top-level claim can create sub-claims within it.

Creating Sub-claims

To create subdivisions, you will first need to be standing within the claim you wish to subdivide and type "/subdivideclaims".

Removing Sub-claims

To remove a sub claim, simply stand within one and type "/unclaim" or "/abandonclaim" to remove it. If you now wish to remove the main top-level claim you can now simply type "/AbandonTopLevelClaim" to remove everything.


Restricting Sub-claims (Advanced)

As mentioned before, players trusted in the top-level claim have the same permissions in any sub-claims created within the claim. However, you can restrict sub-claims to stop this and specify specific permissions for all players within sub-claims. To do this, stand within the sub-claim you wish to restrict and type "/RestrictSubclaim". Note that only the claim owner can do this.


  • Make sure to continue holding your shovel when creating, resizing, or subdividing a claim. It may come as second nature to stop holding your shovel when moving from corner to corner, but this will reset the process. Your shovel must remain in your hands.

  • If you have a large claim that you wish to extend in a certain direction, you can simply stand inside the claim and face the direction you wish to extend it by and type "/extendclaim <# of blocks>"Of course, you need to make sure you have enough claim blocks to make the extension first.
  • By standing outside a claim when trusting people, you can add them to all of your claims at once.
  • If you need any help claiming, be sure to ask a moderator in-game who will be happy to assist you.