Introduction to the job system
On Medieval Realm it is important to gain money. One of the best ways is to obtain a job.
There are jobs like miner, builder, enchanter and a lot of more.

For opening the job GUI, use /jobs browse. If you did everything right you should see now 

Joining a job
If you want to join a job, you have to use the command /jobs browse. If you did everything right you should see now a menu with all jobs.
To select a job you have to right click on it.

Get details about a job
To see how much money you can make with several blocks or mobs you do also /jobs browse.
Left click on the job and you can see which blocks and mobs will give you money.

Increase job level
If you work long enough, you will level up in your job. Each level higher you will receive more money but it also takes longer to reach the next level.
If you want to check your job level type /jobs stats.

Leave a job
To select a different job, you have to leave your current one. To do that go into job menu by entering /jobs browse.

Be advised that you will loose your levels from that job your about to leave.
Also don't forget that you cannot obtain a job in Creative and CitiPVP.