1.19 Arrival
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1.19 finally arrives

It took me longer than i thought considering all the features that have been added.

New features:

  • + Completely new spawn area isolated from the worlds where quests, events and arenas are placed into.
  • + New shop area inside of the new spawn area where you can rent a claim and build your shop on it. 
  • + Economy gets a fresh restart for everyone
  • + new MobArena types like a improved arena for bossfights
  • + Introducing CastleDefense - Protect villagers from hordes of zombies by upgrading your tools and your allies. Featuring different classes with abilities and a leveling system (Beta)
  • + New world for all your stuff completely fresh generated accessible from the /spawn area

Speaking of the new world:

Those who saved their base coordinates can now get their stuff copied over when they find a new suitable location.

For that open a ticket in our discord and provide as coordinates of your old base and tell us the content that should be copied over once you have found the perfect location.

Side note:

i am not 100% certain everything works as expected so please report issues and wierd behaviours back to us so that we can take of them and improve the overall server. Especially for the new features like castledefense, shop area.

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