Username Staff Member Issued Action Reason
TheVortex65 1000Voltgaming 11 days ago Warning Active continously begging
B_VoltgamingJuli 1000Voltgaming 14 days ago Ban Active stupid mc version
Zitron_GamerYt 1000Voltgaming 15 days ago Ban Active none
hitome HeulNetRum 24 days ago Warning Active adversiting other servers
sniperpedia HeulNetRum 26 days ago Warning Active begging for stuff constantly and continuing after telling to stop
sniperpedia 1000Voltgaming 27 days ago Warning Active spamming
Ranboo 1000Voltgaming 29 days ago Temp Ban Expired sexual related content
RACR2009 1000Voltgaming about 1 month ago Ban Active Ban evasion
RACR2009 1000Voltgaming about 1 month ago Temp Ban Expired Griefing
Vainyard_YT 1000Voltgaming 2 months ago Ban Active hitler skin