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about 1 year ago
Website started

We just started our website smiley

about 1 year ago
Premium Tokens now available

We just opened our new premium features shop!
You can access it via the command
Premium tokens are available in the rare items store in front of the Survival spawn castle and also there's a rare chance to win 2 Premium tokens by opening the vote chest!


about 1 year ago
Auction House now available!

Try our new AuctionHouse:
Members have 3 slots to sell their stuff.
More slots will be available in the /premiumshop soon

about 1 year ago

There is no Factions for 1.13+

about 1 year ago
Hardcore Mode

Now available in the warp selection: Hardcore Survival!
/warp Hardcore_Survival
You only got one life. If you die, you will be banned from the hardcore world.
No second chance.

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