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by Sylensky » 7 months ago

Update Week 2

Survival Improvements

Survival just recieved a small improvement regarding the /wild command. You can now go as usual with /wild or you can click the magic ball at int spawn castle and it throws you to a random location much further than before. 


Attention! You have 3 teleportations free to go and you can buy 5 additional teleportation. After you have used all these you can't buy more teleportations. Use your teleports in a wise way!

Event Shop & Quest

The Anniversary Event will stay for a little longer together with the quests and rewards. So we recommend to check them out again to gather more rewards!


SkyBlock Overhaul

Ore Generation

We did implement a nice way to gather ores and other blocks on your SkyBlock Island with a selectable user interface. Start your island and test it out with /island generator. Based on your island level and your balance you are able to unlock Tiers which will give you more chances on generating more rare ores.

Island Helpers

Also we are now featuring Island Helpers aka Minions to help you advance your island. Enter /minions store on your SkyBlock Island and look what we provide to you! Access settings of the Minion by rightclicking him and dont forget to feed him with meat! They are very picky when it comes to food. This includes a miner, lumberjack, farmer, fisherman and couple more to help and to employ on your island!

Introducing: OneBlock

Ever wanted to play on a island where any material will be generator in no second? Than this submode is for you! You can start your OneBlock journey by visiting the tutorial island in SkyBlock and/or by entering /oneblock.

Progress through different phases by breaking more blocks and even unlock phase appropiate mobs to join your island! Complete challenges for making farms or gathering certain materials will give you a more intense experience.

Like System and Control Panel

You can now create a Warpsign that will be the spawnpoint for your island visitors which can judge your island and give you Likes for it. For more information on this you can enter /island controlpanel or even /oneblock controlpanel. You can find there a detailed guide and many more details about your current island mode.

Gamemodes Description Homepage

We are now providing our players for a easier decision on what they should play with a Gamemode Description on our Homepage. You can check it out by clicking this Link. Many thanks out to our Designer and Drawer AxelGandor for drawing those Gamemode Banners that represents each Gamemode.

Webshop Discount

During the weeks of all the updates we make a big discount of 50% on all our product in the webshop. We also updated the features in all of our main gamemodes to include more stuff for an advanced experience. Check out our store on our homepage and click this link. Alternatively you can enter the /buy command in one of our gamemodes to view products that are available in this mode. 

Update Plan

Our next Update will come in the next weeks. There we will finally release the already teasered Gamemode Empires...
And couple improvements are on the way aswell.


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