Dicussions more or less community farms
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29 Oct 2019
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14 Apr 2021

After i haven't found a solution to my plans to build a community furnace xp-farm without having to give every user trust manually or hoping it won't get griefed, a new project.

I want to build something. a tiny permaloaded farm setup for 1.15.
I made sure that it's lagg friendly (atm the whole world gets to between 5 (player in the nether) and 12 (player near slime chunks low in the overworld) mspt, that's less than 1 mspt more than the world had before building it). I want to add a small automated (lagg optimized in big it would be about 40 mspt when using 1000 sheep) wool farm (2 sheeps per color).

In the end i want to exchange empty bottles for honey bottles, and sell bone meal, iron ingots, ink sacs and honey comb (and when i go for the wool farm wool of course) for $0.01 per item.
Here you'll find the world download: https://mega.nz/#!55BjzChY!JkEP7mKgvgmkgVz8yntzog4fBbz1r3_-Q0RT6veRj8U
Don't mind that the squid farm in this world doesn't work atm, as i wanted to measure the lagg potencial of the farm I used a flatworld to elimate any other factors, and it only has the plains biome, if the area of the farm would be a claim i can make it a river (i'd have to make several claims (5 in overworld, 1 in nether) though as claims can only be rectangular).

Perhaps i could even install additional farms, eggs, feathers and cooked chicken for example, which would actually only be one farm.

The problem is i need help to build the perimeters and lighting things up in at least another chunk radius as the permaloader means that mobs in reach (2 chunks around the chunk it is in) could be prevented from despawning, which means, even if they don't cause lagg (because their ai doesn't work in the outmost chunks) these mobs would count against the moblimit.
First i wanted to build that thing where my shop is, but as the surrounding area isn't made spawnproof (under spawn and modern avenue), i have to abandon that idea, next idea would be where my base is, actually the squid farm is there already, but that's a bit far away and there seem to be problems with connecting portals meaning a nether tunnel with piston bolt or something won't work as intended. I think a good position could be around -870, y, -60 not too far away from Modern Avenue but enough to not disturb the view from spawn too much.

What do you guys think?
Hal13 · about 1 year ago