Dicussions Weekly Head Competition
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01 Jan 1970
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01 Jan 1970
In FoundlandShop we enabled a Service called "Head Winners Competition" . It functions like this....

There are 3 Places.. Place 1 . Place 2 and Place 3 

1st Place is the most liked Head

3st Place the less liked

There will be 5 products of these heads (summary = 15)

How it works:

Go to this site : https://minecraft-heads.com/player-heads
And go to a head you like the most. 
Example: https://minecraft-heads.com/player-heads/monsters/29188-creeper
Copy the Url and send it in a Reply.
Afterwards you can vote what is the most liked 
and after few days these are gonna be in my shop

Reply like this:
Name: Killercreeper{Name of the Player Head}
Link: https://minecraft-heads.com/player-heads/monsters/29188-creeper
Comments: It's pretty cool{Your comment about the Head}


I hope you vote for the best Player head and buy it afterwards in the FoundlandShop

and not to forget have a nice day!

· about 1 year ago