Updates/News Pre 1.17 Preperations
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09 Mar 2021
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16 Oct 2021

Pre 1.17 Changes

As almost everybody knows that the Caves & Cliffs update is awaiting us somewhere in the middle of this year and we are making some preparations for that update.
Few of the major things that will go under improvement for survival are:

  • MobArena gets revamped with a new system and rewards.
  • Quests will receive an overhaul together with an expansion for a better RPG experience.
  • Performance & world management gets enhanced.
  • and a lot more..

Prior has the side effect due to the large chunk discovery (60GB) of players that the survival worlds will be regenerated. Don't worry, we keep the old world as a backup and if we recieve requests from the players we are going to copy their homes over to the new places.

Due to that reset players will loose their game statistics, inventory and advancements but will keep all the items in the enderchest and all the other things that aren't mentioned.

Survival isn't the only mode that will recieve improvements. All the other modes will receive updates aswell.
Recently we focused on skyblock and added following features/fixed bugs:

  • Nether roof of the island world prevented mobs from spawning properly - roof got removed
  • added 1 additional helper to every rank that is achievable from voting
  • added a permission to the premiumshop that lets you link the helper to a chest
  • readded spawners & spawneggs to the /shop
  • new template islands for a better starting guide

Auctions are back in the game in survival. Check them out with /auc or /ah what is currently open for auctions and bid on the items. Sell your items to the highest bidder with /auc start when holding your item in hand.


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Sylensky · 8 months ago